About Susie

Dear Susie,
I found your art years ago and have always liked your particular style.
How did you get started? Are you self taught? How old were you when you started?
With 3 out of the nest and only 1 at home I will be ordering a few of your DVD being 39 and just now seriously incorporating a hobby (that I would love)
You paint beautifully,

Thanks for writing!
Let me start by saying it’s never too late to start painting with watercolor! 
Followed by --  you are never too old to start watercolor!
You will find yourself saying “Why did I wait so long?”

Brief Bio: I always loved to dabble with various arts and crafts as a child. When I was a junior in high school I was introduced to watercolor and instantly knew this is it! I went to college….found out watercolor wasn’t considered a serious field of study (1969-1972) so I got my M.R.S. degree instead of a B.A. I left college until I could afford to go to an art school  and found myself being a wife and mommy. Then after a couple of years I divorced and became a single mom. Eighteen years passed and I wore many hats and tried many occupations which was the only way to survive as a single parent living in rural Texas in the 70’s and 80’s. When my son graduated from high school in 1988 I resumed my art career, which had been put on hold for most of those 18 years.
When I was just me again… and I’m not responsible for anyone else but me…. I was literally a starving artist. I had to make watercolor/art pay the bills or give up watercolor.
I had a good foundation, no,  a great foundation of watercolor basics learned from my first art teacher while in high school.
Between 1972 and 1988 I guess you might say I taught myself watercolor by practicing what I knew and learning by making mistakes.  When I started painting full time I saved my pennies and took workshops from some of the best watercolor artists at that time.
I learned a lot! Not so much about painting but that I really enjoyed teaching and sharing what I knew with others.
By now I was close to 40 years old and just finding the real me.
In 1991 I married my second, present, and dare I say last husband, ( smile )  and we moved from Texas to Seattle in 1997.  As an artist, unknown in Seattle it was like starting over. In 2000 I started teaching online and through internet exposure and the popularity of art videos I found a niche.
My painting skills and style has been an evolution -- developed through trial and error and splashing lots of paint on hundreds of pieces of paper. And without a doubt I must admit I have totally enjoyed every mile and every scrap of paper along the journey!!!
That’s my story….I love what I do and I love to share what I’ve learned.
I look forward to painting with you via my DVDs! You have so much fun waiting ahead of you!
Thanks for inviting me to share it with you!

Happy Painting!