Friday, May 1, 2015

Painting in Alaska!

Join me in Alaska at the
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

July 10-11 2015 is a wilderness workshop en Plein Air
at the Chena Hot Springs in conjunction with the
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.

July 13-17 the studio class will cover
Texture and Color in the Landscape and
July 20-24 is Painting Alaska's Wildflowers in Watercolor.
For more info and to register visit

Week 1 July 13 - 17 2015 Texture and Color in the Landscape
Week 2 July 20 - 24 2015 Painting Alaska's Wildflowers in Watercolor

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seasons of Change...

I've always loved the change of the seasons. Spring popping with new fresh color after a long cold winter where color seems to take a vacation, summer exploding with even more vibrant and bold colors as the birds and flowers grow and mature. Then the warm colors of fall as the summer comes to a close and everything begins to prepare for the winter again. And so goes the cycle... As for me personally the seasons of my life are changing too! I find that I can't keep the pace with the schedule I set for myself in the past. Not necessarily a bad thing...but definately a change. Speaking of change, I'm about to make a big change in where I live and paint. My husband and I are moving back to Texas to be closer to our family. We have lived in the Great Northwest for almost fifteen years and have grown fond of the landscape, the people and the climate. Yes, it will be like going home. I will continue to paint and share my love for watercolor with more DVD workshops. Hopefully the transition will help me find the time to devote to the DVDs without being distracted. Time will tell. I want to thank all the wonderful students and artists friends I have met up here for letting me be a part of your artistic journey. We must keep in touch! I hope you will feel free to comment and share your successes with me too! Please watch this blog and my facebook pages for updates on what I'm up to. And remember to keep those brushes wet! Susie

Sunday, March 31, 2013

April is Tulip Time!

Spring is just around the corner...can't you feel it? I'm so ready!!!!
Today the sun is shinning and the birds are happy and chirping outside.
Of course the weather forecasters say rain is only a couple of days away BUT today there is sunshine!
The tulips in the Skagit Valley of the Great Northwest are said to be on time this year. Yippee!! The daffodils are blooming now and it won't be long before the early tulips fill the fields with color too. When you look out across a field of glorious color you can't help but want to get a paintbrush in hand and have a go at splashing on some paint. And I have a fun way to paint those colorful rows of tulips. 
At the First Tuesday Watercolor class in Seattle and the Second Wednesday Watercolor class in Bellevue my students and I will be painting tulip fields similar to these examples I'm sharing here. If you are in the area and interested in joining us there are still a few seats available. Call me! Or visit my website for more information and to register online or by snail mail. Class is from 11-4 @ the Daniel Smith Store Classrooms in Seattle and Bellevue.
ALSO...If you are interested taking a day trip to sketch and photograph the tulips fields later this month give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll let you know when I'm going and would love to plan a  rendezvous. 
Keep those brushes wet! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Understanding Color when working with Watercolor DVD

when working with WATERCOLOR

to be released 
MARCH 15, 2013 

Pre-Orders being accepted 
until March 14, 2013
Pre-order NOW and save $10!

For more information and to pre-order you DVD

After March 15, 2013 click here
for this and more DVDs   

Butterflies, Dragonflies & Bees Workshop in Bellevue

New!  Watercolor Workshop with Susie Short
hosted by the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store

Butterflies, Dragonflies & Bees 
Susie Short’s  BUTTERFLIES and BEES Watercolor Workshop is perfect for those of us who are tired of the winter grays and ready for springtime color. Susie will show you some interesting techniques and share some tempting options for painting spring flowers attractive to the Butterflies and Bees. Learn to master wet-in-wet backgrounds and mix strong rich dark's using selected transparent Daniel Smith’s Extra Fine Watercolors.  Photos and patterns will be provided for your use during the workshop and available for purchase if you want to take them home for future projects. This exciting workshop is for artists with some watercolor experience.  Bring your favorite palette of colors and be prepared to try some new pigments that are fun and exciting to paint with.  Space is limited…Register today!
See Susie’s suggested supply list for this workshop.

Bellevue Daniel Smith Store
Thursday, March 28, 2013
11 am to 4 pm
$75 for the workshop
Space is limited for this workshop,
please register early to make sure you can attend!
To register, call the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Store at: 425-643-1781

Getting Started with Watercolor 2013 starting soon!

Do you want to learn how to paint with watercolor?
Knowing where to start is the first step in learning how to paint in watercolors. This class series is designed for the artist who is new to watercolor,  those who are coming from another medium, or anyone who wants a refresher course in the foundations and fundamentals of watercolor basics.
The Getting Started with Watercolor series is divided into 7 classes. With each class Susie provides easy to follow step-by-step written instructions complete with color illustrations. You will start your own watercolor notebook (included) that will serve as great reference for your use as you continue on your watercolor journey.
(YES! this class included the popular color mixing class everyone is asking for!)

The Getting Started Class curriculum is covered in seven classes,

The Seattle Class meets March 22, April 12 and 26, May 10 and 24, June 7 and 21.

The Bellevue Class meets March 27, April 17, May 1 and 22, June 5, 19, and 26.

There will be additional exercises to be completed as homework between each class.

Cost is $325 in advance   or $350 @ $50/ class if you wish to pay as you go.
Notebook and printed material is included. Painting supplies are not included.

For more details:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Studio Watercolor Classes for 2013 in Seattle and Bellevue

Seattle Watercolor Classes are the first Tuesday of each month                                     
(See calendar above)

Bellevue Watercolor Classes  are the second Wednesday of each month
(See calendar above)
This years classes are geared for advanced beginners to intermediate painters. Newbies with no previous watercolor experience will be welcome to join us providing they complete a brief introductory class to get acquainted with their watercolor supplies. (Call Susie to set up an introductory class 253-833-7646)  If you have already learned the basics techniques for painting with watercolor and are ready to continue your studies and develop the ability to compose your own paintings by exploring the principles and elements of design these classes are for you! 

  • You will have the opportunity to work with your choice of topics.  
  • The class artists will select the following months subject/project. Topics will be printed  prior to class date when available.
  • Taking every class in the series is not required but is certainly helpful.

These are my personal classes (not sponsored by Daniel Smith) so you must register with me.  CLICK HERE to print the form to register by mail or PAY ONLINE

Goals for Monthly Classes: Learning and applying the basic skills and techniques to establish a firm foundation for painting with watercolor. Have fun painting with others in a group setting. Personal attention is given to each student at their personal skill level.