Thursday, August 7, 2008

From my sketchbook - Plein Air Sketches

These are the sketches I painted sitting in my van while the fog rolled by. Even though the day was chilly and the air was damp, being up there....close to the top of the world... was a pleasure.
They say the mountain creates its own weather. For what ever reason it just needed to be behind the blanket of fog that Friday.
Whenever I look at these little 6x8 sketches I'll remember ... I was there.
Sigh............ so much to paint so little time!


Anonymous said...

Susie, thanks for sharing your sketches. You are inspiring!

lesta frank said...

Love your sketchbook painting. You have done amazing work with the ocean waves-WOW! May I put your blog in my blog links?

Susie Short said...

Thanks Lesta! I'd be honored to share links. Pleased you stopped by! Happy Painting! SUSIE