Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Sand 'n Surf Watercolor Triad

Take a look at this newly released triad of watercolor paint the nice folks at Daniel Smith let me select just in time for painting summer seascapes! I wanted to include two of my color favorites and introduce my students to Goethite a nicly granulating pigment perfect for painting sand.

These three superb colors work together to create the illusion of waves breaking into foamy surf and washing onto a golden sandy beach. Ultramarine Turquoise and Indanthrone Blue, used side-by-side or mixed, create a wide value range of blue-greens. Diluted they add the right touch of color to foaming waves. The natural granulating characteristics of Goethite (Brown Ochre) are perfect for painting golden beach sand.

The DANIEL SMITH Limited Edition Susie Short "Sand and Surf" Extra Fine Watercolor Triad is available online from the Daniel Smith website. Save 47% off the list price and it ships FREE!

You may also want to read the DS Blog about this new triad too!
Let me know how you like them!!
This photo was taken by Wet Canvas artist Laura D at the June 21st Sea & Shore DEMO. I appreciate the WC folks getting together to come see me do my thing! I hope they can make it to more events.
Keep those brushes wet!

PS. The waves in the previous post were also painted with this new watercolor triad.


Jennifer Phillips said...

You did this painting!? It's awesome! I saw it when I got my Daniel Smith email for the triad and drooled over the image!
So cool it's yours! Love your technique and use of soft edges in the waves!
Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

Susie Short said...

Thanks Jennifer!