Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Report on Sea & Shore Workshop

Well, it was sink or swim for 14 students at this two day event!

I'm pleased to report that everyone survived the day with their heads and paper above the water!
Day one: As planned we worked on studies of waves in action learning to recognize just what they do as they roll into shore. It was fun to see all the splatter and splashing of the brushstrokes create "recognizable" wave shapes. After a short lunch break the class started on a small (7.5 x 11)study of Arch Cape. The study included rock formations often referred to as Haystack Rocks, wet sand with reflections and the ripples of the ocean waves washing ashore. Before we knew it the day was gone and it was time to quit.

Day two: Nine of the fourteen artists returned for the second day of painting. By the end of the second day each student had a seascape painting to hang on their wall.It always amazes me how we can all use the same photo to paint the same subject and yet each painting is very personally unique.As is usually the case during a workshop I started my demo painting but did not get it finished. After spending most of the afternoon coaching and offering advise my painting is still a work in progress.
I will post it when I have time to add some finishing touches.
Thanks again to all of the artists who participated! It really was fun.

Until next time, keep those brushes wet!

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