Monday, August 29, 2011

Plein Air Weekend - Day 3 - Sunday

Day Three of my Plein Air Weekend
Woodland Park Rose Garden, Seattle, Washington
July 31, 2011

Yesterday's sunshine is hiding behind the clouds this morning.  But the lighting is good for photos.
I wandered around the Woodland Park Rose Garden taking photos and deciding where I wanted to set up my easel. About 15 minutes after I got everything set up it started to drizzle. Drizzle turned into rain and so I sat under my beach umbrella like a mother hen with all my painting gear stashed under my chair. From my sheltered spot I could still see some lovely rosebuds so I started a rosebud sampler page in my sketchbook.

Below I'll share photos of both my painting spot and my Rosebud Sampler Page
Later, the sun did break through  and I was able to move around and paint some of the roses.

The gazebo I wanted to include as a focal point in my painting (below) will have to wait
until another visit to be completed but I did get it started!
Thanks for looking at my report on my Plein Aire Weekend.
 If you live in the greater Seattle area I hope you will consider joining me for one of my plein air adventures.  There are so many beautiful gardens to visit and paint...just not enough time!  
Until next time ...Keep those brushes wet! 


jeannette said...

love your pained roses -and the ones in your sketchbook are beautiful! I paint flowers too, but in a different way, and I live in Los Angeles...

Rose said...

Very beautiful, Susie!