Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seasons of Change...

I've always loved the change of the seasons. Spring popping with new fresh color after a long cold winter where color seems to take a vacation, summer exploding with even more vibrant and bold colors as the birds and flowers grow and mature. Then the warm colors of fall as the summer comes to a close and everything begins to prepare for the winter again. And so goes the cycle... As for me personally the seasons of my life are changing too! I find that I can't keep the pace with the schedule I set for myself in the past. Not necessarily a bad thing...but definately a change. Speaking of change, I'm about to make a big change in where I live and paint. My husband and I are moving back to Texas to be closer to our family. We have lived in the Great Northwest for almost fifteen years and have grown fond of the landscape, the people and the climate. Yes, it will be like going home. I will continue to paint and share my love for watercolor with more DVD workshops. Hopefully the transition will help me find the time to devote to the DVDs without being distracted. Time will tell. I want to thank all the wonderful students and artists friends I have met up here for letting me be a part of your artistic journey. We must keep in touch! I hope you will feel free to comment and share your successes with me too! Please watch this blog and my facebook pages for updates on what I'm up to. And remember to keep those brushes wet! Susie

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