Monday, July 20, 2009

Mt Rainier Waterfall - A demonstration @ Daniel Smith

It is always an honor to paint in front of a room full of eager watercolor artists! I appreciate the smiling faces even more when the weather outside is sunny and beautiful and realize these people could be outside enjoying the day and they chose to spend a few hours watching me paint.
Thanks for making my day!
This quick little waterfall was painted on a 11"x15" piece of 140# CP Quiller Watercolor Block. As most of you know I'm partial to Arches 140# CP so I wanted to see how this new paper measured up to the Susie test. I've never used this paper before so it was a pleasent experiment yeilding pleasing results!! Would I use it again...yes, I certainly would!
I really liked they way it accepted my paint. I tested it using both wet and dry techniques and it passed my test with flying colors!
In this demonstration I also played with some brand new Daniel Smith paints that are available in the store but not even in the catalog yet!
They are Deep Sap Green (a mixture) Diopsite Genuine and Burnt Yellow Ochre.
Watch for these to be released soon! They have my stamp of approval.
If you want to learn more about painting water (including waterfalls) I have a 3 day workshop coming up next week in Seattle at the Daniel Smith Store Classroom. There are only a few seats left so hurry if you are interested!
Keep those brushes wet!

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Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Susie, I sure wish I was closer to you! I'd be there at your demo for sure!! Good luck. Beautiful painting.