Monday, July 20, 2009

Ouch! This little bird has had a broken wing

Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted on any of my blogs. I've been busy doing what I do and trying to keep up with everything I had scheduled in May and June and now almost through July while I was healing from a broken arm. much as I hate to admit it I preformed a very clumsy one point landing face forward outside my studio on May 16th. It was a very pretty sunny afternoon, I'd been to the grocery store and was walking outside of my studio when I stepped off a little 2 inch sidewalk onto the asphalt parking lot a lost my footing. I had my arms full so I was unable to break my fall and when I hit the ground my right elbow found that 2 inch sidewalk. it sounded more like a loud "thud" as I recall. All I could do was blink away the stars and the tears while I tried to determine if I could even get up.

(Don't make fun of that commercial ..."I've fallen and I can't get up!......... it could happen to you :).
My husband was with me so he helped me get into a chair inside the studio until I decided if I was going to live or not. I decided it hurt too bad for me be dead so he began a search for an emergency room with a short line ahead of me. We found one close by and after a trip to the Kent Urgent Care Clinic and a couple of x-rays I found out I had a radial head fracture ( the small bone in my forearm where it connects to my elbow.) and cast would be required. Ugh! A cast meant limited movement. How was I going to paint with a cast? It could have been so much worse....I'm very thankful that my injury was such a minor one.
I would need to wait for the swelling to go down before they could apply a long term cast to my arm. After a couple of days I went to get my cast and I had a choice of colors so I picked purple.
The cast went from the palm of my hand to mid upper arm above my elbow.
I couldn't do anything! I couldn't even hold a paint brush or write my name! Forget about typing on a computer! I felt so useless. I did allow myself a couple of days to mope around the house then I realized at least I could still talk! (grin)
Fortunately, I wouldn't require any surgery to repair anything. So all in all I was very blessed as things could have been much worse.

I wore the pretty purple hard cast for a couple of weeks....talked my way through my weekly classes, then moved into a half cast (splint) with ace bandages to keep my elbow immobilized.
On June 25 I got the release from my doctor to resume my daily life as long as I took things easy and wouldn't try to over do.

This bright yellow iris is the first painting I did with my fixed wing. Sigh..........things were going to be ok. (Very Big Smile!)

So that's my story, I'm getting stronger every day and I promise I'll never take being well for granted. Thanks to all of my sweet friends, family and artbuddies who sent me "thinking of you" and "get well soon" emails. You don't know how I appreciate your love and care!

I love you all! Keep those brushes wet!

PS. I haven't decided if I want to leave the left top corner of this painting light or paint it dark like the right side. What do you think? Please let me know by clicking on the word "comments" below. Thanks!


Deb L├ęger said...

I love what you did to it, Susie. And I sure hope your arm is doing better and back to normal.

Dabs said...

I like both, but prefer the the one on the left as it is more dramatic! I hope you are healing well... I miss the WCW list but right now I have my plate full with getting Life back in order as you can tell.:) I paint every day in my head though...:)