Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting Skies and Clouds

This coming weekend (March 13-14) I will host a weekend workshop for artists who have a 9-5 job in another career. It is really hard for working people to find classes on the weekends so I'm trying to fill this void in my own special way. If you live in the Seattle area I'd like to invite you to join me and take a weekend watercolor workshop. (Even if you don't work at another job!)

Our topic for this workshop will be painting watercolor skies. If all goes as planned we will end up with at least nine or more skies to use on future landscape painitngs. These are a few of my skies and clouds "starts" that came from my paintbrush in preparing for the class.

And speaking of future landscapes....the April weekend workshop (April 10-11) is on painting "Landscape Elements" ( trees, rocks, mountains, bushes, grasses, etc) Join us if you can! Register here.

Happy Painting!
Keep those brushes wet!

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